Prices for Boarding


Small/Toy = $20
-2 in 1 unit = $37
Medium = $22
-2 in 1 unit = $41
Large = $24
-2 in 1 unit = $45
Extra Large = $27
-2 in 1 unit = $51
Isolation = $35 per dog

Flea treatment, worming, bathing, extra playtime, walks etc, can be discussed when making a booking.

Minimum charge of 2 days applies.

Payment Options

Cash/Cheque/Eftpos/Credit Card Facilities.


Prime holidays - Surcharge of $5 per dog per day.

Dog Owners 

Please bring bedding and toys from home. On check in each dog will receive a treat.

Dog Shop 

Leads, collars, shampoo, toys etc available. Also top quality dry food.

Vaccination Requirements

We require a vaccination certificate saying your dog has been vaxed within the last 11 months or at least 10 days before arrival. Your vet will confirm what is required - a 5 in 1 vax (also protects against Bordetella Bronchiseptica). Animals will not be accepted for boarding if the vax cert is not correct.

Worming - Please worm your animal 1 week before arrival.

Long Term Board

Long term board available by arrangement.

Abandoned Pets

We reserve the right to make alternative arrangements for a pet left in our care 14 days after the agreed check-out date if no contact is made to us by the owner or their agent.

Any dog who barks constantly and causes stress to our other clients (agreed agent to collect).

A dog moved to another area to enable the smooth function of our facility.

Our facility and management practise is of the highest standard and therefore your dog(s) will receive the very best of these.

Thank-you for leaving your dog(s) and trusting us to care for them.

Vet on call 24 hours.

Inside view of the main kennels

Dog Runs

Dog Runs with Shade Cloth

Dog runs with shade cloth

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